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Dr. Juan P. Chisholm is an acclaimed business owner, investor, author, and motivational speaker. He is a proud graduate of Florida State University (FSU) with a major in English Literature and minors in Business, Economics and Black Studies. While attending FSU, he was elected the 2004 Homecoming King and was elected as a student senator by his peers.  He is also a proud graduate of Florida A&M University College of Law where he was awarded the coveted Percy R. Luney Spirit of Service Award as an outstanding first year law student. Additionally, Dr. Chisholm made history in law school when he received the coveted Percy R. Luney Spirit of Service Award a second time during his third year of law school.  He also successfully completed a program in Strategic Finance for Smaller Businesses at the Harvard Business School in Boston.

Dr. Chisholm is a respected authority on business and finance. He served on an exclusive televised panel with Senator Hillary Clinton for his financial expertise. He has served as the keynote speaker for various functions and was televised on UPN Network in an interview on the "Lee Pitts Live" program discussing financial solutions for minorities.  Dr. Chisholm is also an acclaimed entrepreneur and key stake holder in various businesses.  He has also helped to spread financial literacy through his involvement with Young Investors Inc (YI). (Click the following link to learn more about YI: What is Young Investors (YI)?   How can I join?   What is YI doing around the world right now?

Dr. Chisholm is active in the community. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and was the 2003 College Brother of the Year for the State of Florida. He serves on the Board of Directors of Revolution Leadership, Inc. (www.RevolutionLeadership.org), a Florida not for profit corporation that awards scholarships and trains high school students in leadership, entrepreneurship, self-esteem, and investing. Dr. Chisholm is also the Founder and Executive Director of Young Investors, Inc. Dr. Chisholm also enjoys working with students at a local high-school in Orlando, Florida. 

Dr. Chisholm is happily married to his wife and best-friend, Dr. Audrey K. Chisholm. They resides in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida.  Dr. Juan and Dr. Audrey (affectionally "Team Chisholm") are born again Christians and faithfully serve their church in Central Florida. 

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